Testimonial: Barry and Deborah Brassington

When we decided to have a home built for us in the Duncan area, we researched various companies. Numerous recommendations led us to K2 Construction. Kevin arranged for us to view homes that were under construction. This provided an opportunity to see the company’s quality and attention to detail.
Throughout the building period, Deborah and I felt very fortunate to have chosen K2 construction. Kevin, his crew, and all of the sub-trades work closely with the owners to ensure every phase of the building process was well coordinated and integrated smoothly. Change orders were readily accepted and incorporated. Kevin arranged regular consultations with us to ensure all aspects of the construction were meeting our expectations.
We found the K2 crew and all sub-trades to be of the highest calibre. Each and every person involved demonstrated a willingness to work with us. Deborah was particularly pleased with the cooperation of individuals in incorporating differing finishing techniques.
Special mention goes to the finish work of K2 crew members, Rick and Dave, for their quality of work and attention to detail; to Lynn and Doug for the superb painting and friendliness; and of course, Dave Gillingham, for his outstanding patience in ensuring the cabinets met Deborah’s very definitive requirements.
The attention to customer service was very welcome by us and was an essential component during this project.
We would like to extend a personal thank you to Kevin. You took our house plan and turned it into the dream house we had envisioned.
Barry and Deborah Brassington.


  • "Their excellent communication skills and top notch customer service ensured that we were involved in all of the decision making as we worked through the building process."
    Craig Mickleborough and April Shepherd-Trent

  • "Each stage of construction was completed on time and on budget.We were also impressed with your building philosophy of building a house that exceeds specifications."
    Andriyka and Chris Yost

  • "The quality of both your construction quotes and contract agreement were far above the level provided by any of the other contractors that we solicited for bids."
    Rob and Kathy Mackay

  • "We greatly appreciate your constant efforts to help us achieve what was best for us considering design, timing and cost."
    Al and Bev Robinson

  • "The communication throughout the entire project was very clear, organized and efficient. The on-line system was absolutely fantastic"
    Mark Sanders and Laura McLean

  • "You can be justifiably proud of the workmanship and care that your trades build into your homes!"
    Dan Caird

  • "K2's organizational skills and commitment to customer satisfaction have made this process less stressful and more enjoyable than we could ever have imagined."
    John and Sue Boland

  • "We found the K2 crew and all sub-trades to be of the highest calibre. Each and every person involved demonstrated a willingness to work with us."
    Barry and Deborah Brassington

  • "K2 built our home, and it was built on time and on budget. The quality of the construction was excellent."
    Don Swiatlowski

  • "Their professionalism and workmanship was very reassuring right down to every final detail."
    Maureen Sanborn